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The Beginning

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

PEOPLE. I have been waiting for The Perfect time to share this poem with the World. And that time is NOW.

The Beginning

Priestess of the Wild, I am The Beginning.

I am Lilith. I am Inanna. I am Persephone.

Like Lilith, I am ready to explode from this garden in a flaming fury, and through the ashes I will reclaim this body and femininity as my own.

The act of having these toxic lies physically cut from my flesh is a ritualistic ceremony signifying my escape from this grotesque Eden of impossible standards, subjugation, conformity, and deception.

The beat of my heart has become a war drum, growing louder and faster, calling for others to follow my footsteps and escape over the walls.

Let us run full speed toward the Truth of the Holy Wild.

As I flee the grasp of man I hear Her calling me home with each stamp of my bare feet on the Earth.

The hot blood pulsing through my veins is a silent invocation of the Great Feminine.

With every gasping breath I unbecome until what’s left is brazenly me and unapologetically female.

Like Inanna I have returned from Death, and I will deliver the thirsty demons to those whose blood tastes sweetest of lies and greed.

The flaming red scars I now bare are proof of my passage.

My time spent captive can be seen as a shadowy gift.

In its wake I may truly know the white light of my innate purity.

I may hear the voices of my ancestral grandmothers - crystalline in comparison to the harsh static of modern man.

I may walk the land freely, floating as a Priestess of the Holy Wild while my muscles remember the heavy burdens of society.

I understand my time in Eden as necessary.

For without it I would not truly come to know the Holiness of my being.

I am a walking altar adorned by scars that give proof to the sacredness of my vessel.

The evil cut out, I have returned, a second birth, a phoenix rising.

Like Persephone I will return again and again.

For it is my duty now to stand outside the garden walls and beat the war drum loudly and without cease, so that others may become suspicious of the Truth that exists beyond the garden walls.

It is my duty now to keep watch for my sisters and brothers inside who are too weak to make it out on their own.

I see your struggle.

Your howls of lament have not fallen on deaf ears.

Let the rhythm of my war drum beat in sync with your heart.

On the other side of these walls your healing will begin.

I urge you now to bite into the sweet flesh of the Forbidden Fruit.

Allow the sacred Knowledge to fill you, to bolster your primal strength, to provide you the sustenance you need to sprout wings and fly from this miserable place.

You are Lilith. You are Inanna. You are Persephone.

Priestess of the Wild, You are The Beginning.

Written by Lee Ann Coldsmith, February 2019, Inspired by The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman

To give some perspective if you’re new to my journey, I wrote this just before my surgery to remove my breast implants in February.

At the inception of Self Love and Soul Shine I promised to reveal my story. I didn't know exactly where to start, but I had been saving THIS poem for the perfect release so it really just lined up so beautifully.

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