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Great Big List of Self-care Activities

I wanted to make a GREAT BIG list of self-care activities for any of you ladies who are wanting to start incorporating more self-care into your lives! I divided the list into subcategories because self-care takes on different meanings depending on what we're really needing at the time.

I've included activities for when:

  • you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed and need to calm yourself

  • you're feeling "bored" and need some stimulation

  • you're feeling depleted and need recharged

  • you're feeling disconnected and need some grounding

  • you're craving nurturing and need some pampering

  • you're craving order and you need some organization

  • you're feeling mistreated and you need to set some boundaries

Help me grow this list! Let me know your favorite self-care activities, and if they're not already on the list I'll be sure to add them!


1. Take 5 deep breaths

2. Take a long shower

3. Float in a lake or pool

4. Relax in a hot tub

5. Lay in a hammock

6. Listen to a guided meditation

7. Squeeze a stress ball

8. Scream into a pillow

9. Count backwards from 20

10. Drink a full glass of water

11. Drink a calming tea

12. Go on a 10 minute walk

13. Look around the room and find 4 things that start with the letter “D”

14. Turn on some calming music or nature sounds

15. Light a candle

16. Journal

17. Visualize you are at the beach (or another relaxing location), engage your 5 senses with what is going on in your imagination

18. Stretch your arms to the sky for 10 seconds

19. Apply lotion or an essential oil with a fragrance you find calming

20. Clench your fists as tight as you can for 30 seconds then release, lay your hands in your lap, and focus on the warm, tingly feeling of the blood rushing as your hands relax.Try this with different muscle groups.


1. Do 10 jumping jacks (or another repetitive motion to get your blood flowing - like pumping your arms above your head 10 times)

2. Spend 10 minutes reading a book, short story, or blog post

3. Spend 10 minutes learning a language (try the Duolingo app - it’s fun and free)

4. Spend 10 minutes playing or learning an instrument

5. Go on a 10 minute jog / run

6. Turn on some music and dance

7. Go for a bike ride

8. Hula hoop (check out Deanne Love's Hooplovers YouTube channel for some hula dance tutorials)

9. Play a game

10. Daydream

11. Draw / color a picture

12. Reach out and talk to a friend

13. Watch a movie

14. Cook a nourishing meal

15. Write an imaginative story

16. Write a letter to yourself

17. Play with a pet

18. Visit an art gallery

19. Listen to a podcast

20. Take a trip to your local library

21. Watch a documentary


1. Go to bed early

2. Sleep in

3. Do some yoga (you can find lots of free videos on YouTube)

4. Wrap up in a cozy blanket

5. Take a nap with the window open / while playing some nature sounds

6. List 5 things you’re grateful for

7. Eat a nourishing snack

8. Join a group or club of other people who inspire and uplift you Click here to join the amazing women of Blessed by BII

9. Close your eyes, ask your body what she needs and write down whatever pops into your mind

10. Watch a comedy special or a funny video to make you laugh

11. Volunteer your time to a good cause

12. Give up alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, or processed food for a day

13. Try tai chi (find a beginner video on YouTube)

14. Write a letter to someone else thanking them for something they’ve done for you

15. Secretly do something kind for someone else

16. Hug someone for 20 seconds

17. Spend some time working on a passion project


1. Spend 10 minutes pulling weeds

2. Spend 10 minutes planting seeds

3. Take off your shoes and walk on the earth

4. Play in the rain

5. Let the sun warm your skin

6. Watch the clouds float by

7. Stargaze

8. Go for a hike

9. Swim in the ocean or a lake

10. Go outside and watch for birds

11. Go to a botanical garden, state park, or national forest

12. Eat a freshly picked fruit or vegetable

13. Spend a full minute examining a flower or leaf. Think about its texture, color, size, smell, all of the insects or animals that may have had contact with it, etc.

14. Lay in the grass

15. Dip your feet into a cool stream


1. Take a warm bath

2. Have your hair styled by someone else

3. Have someone give you a massage

4. Give yourself a facial massage Click here for my video on lymphatic facial massage!

5. Get or give yourself a manicure or pedicure

6. Put on a facial mask

7. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair

8. Acupuncture

9. Soak your feet in warm water

10. Relax with a warm washcloth over your eyes


1. Spend 10 minutes cleaning out your email inbox

2. Spend 10 minutes decluttering an area in your home

3. Make a “donate” box where you can put things your family no longer needs

4. Find 3 things your family no longer uses and put them in the donate box

5. Throw away any papers or junk mail laying around

6. Clean out your fridge

7. Schedule your self-care activities for the next month

8. Clean off your desk

9. Pick out two pieces of clothing you no longer wear and set them aside to donate

10. Create files for your important household documents

11. Clean out your car


1. Unsubscribe to email lists that no longer serve you

2. Unfollow accounts on social media that do not inspire you

3. Sign off of social media for a day

4. Schedule a day to spend alone

5. Implement a “no phones” rule for mealtimes

6. Implement a “no screens” rule for 1-2 hours before bedtime

7. Go on an “anti-shopping spree” - visit your favorite stores knowing that you will not be purchasing anything. I repeat, YOU WILL NOT BE PURCHASING ANYTHING. Take notice to what you desire and reflect on what it is and why you want it. See what you can learn about your desires.

8. Try a no-spend challenge and set a day or week that you won’t spend any money at all

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