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Facial Lymphatic Massage to Relieve Inflammation, Sinus Congestion, Lymphatic Congestion

Recently I shared on my Instagram and Facebook Stories a video talking about using a little facial / lymphatic massage technique to relieve that inflamed, congested feeling in the face and around the eyes that SO many of us suffer from. This massage technique also works for relieving sinus congestion and promotes movement of the lymphatic fluids. I wanted to post it here for anyone missed it because this is a great way to get a bit of immediate relief, and with repeated use I think it can actually prevent some of the swelling and puffiness from forming just by relieving some of that chronic congestion.

As I explained in the video, this painful inflammation around my eyes and congestion in my sinuses was one of the symptoms that I would wake up with every single day before explanting. Now, at 4 months post op I can happily say it’s getting to be rarer and rarer, but there are definitely still some days I wake up feeling that same inflamed, puffy, irritated feeling that plagued me every day before removing my implants.

In the video I go over how I use a quick 5-10 min facial massage to get a little relief. There is nothing official about this. It is just what I’ve found works for me. There were a few things I didn’t mention in the video, so I’ll add them here.

1, The whole point of using oil is just to ensure your fingers move smoothly over your skin, just as you would use massage oil. The oil I use is the same thing I use to cleanse my face. If you are not acne prone, any oil would work. For those who are acne prone hemp, red raspberry leaf, or jojoba would be best due to their low comedogenic factor. *Hemp oil does need to be refrigerated so you either need to just grab the bottle out of the fridge or only keep a small container out that you can use within a week or two.

*The mixture I use for oil cleansing and to do this massage is 1 Tbsp hemp oil, 9 drops of lavender essential oil, and 3 drops of tea tree oil.

2, I do each stroke anywhere from 20 -100 times depending on how bad I feel. So if I’m just feeling a little inflamed I’ll just do 20 strokes on my collarbone area, 20 strokes on my neck, 20 strokes along my jawline, etc. If I’m feeling really, really inflamed then I do a longer massage with 100 in each area. Keeping your focus on counting each stroke, acknowledging when your mind wanders, but then bringing it back to counting is strokes is an AMAZING way to practice mindfulness while also getting some physical relief.

3, This massage is also great to do in the shower with all the warm water and steam helping to break up congestion! I still use the oil in the shower.

4, After explant I did this EVERY DAY for a while as part of a calming, loving self-care ritual. I would light a candle, turn on some music that spoke to my soul, and just stand in front of the mirror and perform this massage. That might sound really cheesy, but it was an excellent way to start the day, relieve some of that facial inflammation, and ensure I was getting in some self-care every single day.

5, This could be the perfect opportunity to introduce mirror work into your life, and use the time you spend doing your massage to really gaze into your eyes as you perform loving touch on your own skin. If you do decide to focus on mirror work, you can just sort of judge how long to do each stroke rather than counting, or you could even use an interval timer on your phone if you want to ensure you spend adequate time on each area to get your lymph fluids moving. That way you can focus on repeating a positive affirmation to your body. You can simply say, “I love you,” or make up an affirmation that feels right to you. I like to use the affirmation, “I am learning to love you better each day.”

Let me know if you try any of this out! I’d love to hear some feedback!

Click here to watch the full video!

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