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Break away from chronic illness: tips to change your perspective to one of healing

Changing your perspective is one thing you'll hear me talk about a lot if you stick around, so I wanted to write a quick post discussing some strategies for starting to shift your perspective from one of being chronically ill to one of healing.

If you want to truly heal, removing the implants isn't enough. You've got to change your perspective on your health if you expect to get better. Something that tends to happen when dealing with chronic illness is that we begin to identify as chronically ill. Not feeling good, being exhausted, being in pain, having a headache everyday, being anxious, (fill in the blank with your own chronic symptoms), becomes a part of your identity.

If we internalize the narrative of "chronically ill" that is precisely what we will remain. However, if we begin to change our perspective and internalize a narrative of perpetual healing that is what will occur within our cells. (If you want to read the science behind this concept I highly recommend the book Mind over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin, M.D.)

Below are a few affirmations to help you begin changing your perspective:

1) Your perspective is the one thing you have total control over to change. Use it to your advantage. How you view things is totally your choice. You can choose to view your illness through a negative lens focusing on all that you have lost in the time you have been sick.

Or you can choose to view your illness through a positive lens and try to find what you have gained as a result of facing this illness. That's what the "blessed by BII" attitude is all about: seeing BII as a blessing.

Despite all I have lost and the suffering I have endured I know that without the experience of BII I would not have found the love for myself I have today, and that is truly a blessing. For more on this check out my post What does it mean to be "blessed by BII" anyway.

2) Remind yourself that nothing truly lasts forever, and even though this illness has seemed never-ending, it too shall pass. Life is full of ups and downs, some harder and longer than others, but none everlasting. Think of life and healing as an ocean, some days the waves will be torrential. Other days your sea will be calm. The sea is ever changing, and so are you and your situation.

3) You are not alone. When facing chronic illness it is easy to feel alone. Healthy friends and family truly do not understand what it is like to feel chronic pain or fatigue. Luckily, we are living in the age of instant world-wide connection. This allows us to connect with women walking similar journeys from all over the world. Everyday I see new unique BII support groups popping up on Facebook. Find a group that fits your personality and needs. These women can provide amazing support during the healing process.

To request to join the private Blessed by BII Facebook group with me and wonderful group of strong, inspiring women follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/blessedbybii/

Tell me, what are some strategies you ladies use to keep a positive healing perspective?

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