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A Guide For Before & After Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Thanks to the inspiring ambitious ladies of the BII community there is beginning to be a huge wealth of information out there on how to heal from Breast Implant Illness!

There’s A LOT of great info on detoxing, exercise, and diet following the removal of breast implants. That’s one reason I chose to focus Blessed by BII on the emotional soul-healing that needs to take place in order to truly heal from BII. I believe once you start loving yourself wholly the rest is going to naturally follow, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need good advice on the other areas!

I’ve been blessed to connect with Chelsie Brooke and Steph Rempel, two lovely ladies who are inspiring uplifting explant veterans, and they’ve put together a comprehensive guide discussing their their advice for how to prepare your body, heart, and mind leading up to your explant surgery and how to heal and cope afterward.

Their explant guide covers thoughts on exercise, nutrition, things you’ll need, things to do, and strategies to use during the days and weeks leading up to and following surgery to set yourself up for smooth healing mentally and physically.

Their guide is going to be most helpful to the ladies who haven’t yet explanted, but are ready to start the process of healing their hearts, bodies, and minds from the ravages of BII. If you’ve just recently explanted, and you’re right in the thick of healing you’re still going to get a lot of valuable information out of the guide. And if you have already explanted, I invite you to please comment and share any contributions you have from your personal experience!

I’m going to list a few reasons why I LOVE their guide, but feel free to skip right over to the Happy Be Healthy website and check it out for yourself now!

What I LOVE:

  • There’s a lot of advice out there about how to heal, detox, and exercise following surgery.There isn’t a ton of info out there on what you can do BEFORE your surgery to prepare for the incredible changes that come along with removing your breast implants. This guide is going to give you practical advice on the things you can be doing in the time period leading up to your surgery.

  • There isn’t a ton of info out there on how to prepare and heal the HEART and MIND. This guide goes beyond physical healing and addresses practical strategies for the emotional side of healing.

  • This guide is organized by timeline, so whether you’re a few months out from surgery, explant is a day away, or you’re 2 weeks post op, you’re going to be able to find info applicable to your scenario.

  • You get perspectives and advice from two different ladies. I think this is really important because everyone’s BII story and healing journey is going to be unique to them. When we hear a variety of experiences, suggestions, and opinions it helps us figure out more easily what might work best for us.

Click here to find the guide on the Happy Be Healthy website.

Connect with Chelsie on Instagram by following @happybehealthy

Connect with Steph on Instagram by following @stephdrempel

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