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15 reasons you should massage your breasts post explant & HOW to do it! + BONUS guided audio massage

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Breast massage:

1. Promotes physical healing

2. Supports healthy detox

3. Relieves pain

4. Improves posture

5. Restores range of motion

6. Improves skin tone and texture

7. Improves scarring

8. Regenerates sensation in the breasts

9. Prevents breast sagging

10. Reverses aging

11. Balances hormones

12. Improves mood

13. Helps prevent cancer

14. Increases pleasure

15. Expands emotional intelligence

If you're already feeling convinced and don't care to read the details about WHY breast massage is so beneficial, you can skip right down to read about HOW to go about massaging your breasts and scars, OR head straight to my guided audio massage! Click here to go to the Post Explant Loving Breast Massage!

Why is breast massage so beneficial after explant? Because breast massage:

1. Promotes physical healing

  • Increased blood flow promotes healing and pain relief. Your blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the area which is crucial to healing.

2. Supports healthy detox

  • Increased lymph circulation promotes detox. Fatty tissues (including breast tissue) store toxins, and the lymph system (which carries those toxins to the liver to be processed) can easily become overloaded and congested with toxins. Light massage in general is incredibly beneficial to increasing lymph flow and de-congesting the lymph system.

3. Relieves pain

  • Increased blood flow helps reduce muscle tension, spasms, and uncomfortable knots.

4. Improves posture

  • The added weight of all implants can affect your spinal alignment and posture and result in back pain, headaches, and tension.

  • The structural changes due to muscle dissection of submuscular implants, can contribute to dramatic misalignment of posture that takes a lot of work to correct. Especially if it has been happening for years and years.

  • Dissection and/or shortening of pectoralis major pulls shoulders forward, which sets the pelvis out of alignment, and eventually the whole spine is out of alignment due to compensation which can cause even more back pain, headaches, etc.

5. Restores range of motion

  • The shortening of muscles due to dissection or spinal misalignment can result in a limited range of motion.

  • After surgery everyone will have limited range of motion due to not using their full range while healing.

6. Improves skin tone and texture

  • Massage causes gentle exfoliation that removes dead cells and promotes faster cell regeneration. This is important for skin shrinking back.

  • Massage helps balance sebum (natural oil) production preventing any dryness and improving skin's suppleness.

  • Stimulation from massage increases sweat production which enhances your ability to effectively excrete waste products and toxins through the skin.

  • Stimulated surface capillaries improve skin color and tone.

  • Massage softens scar tissue and improves scar appearance.

7. Improves scarring

  • Massaging your incisions can decrease scar tissue buildup, increase scar flexibility, and help to regenerate lost feeling in the surrounding area - decrease numbness, tingling, soreness.

8. Regenerates sensation in the breasts

  • Massage helps with swelling which can contribute to loss of sensation. It can stimulate nerve regeneration, and also help decrease numbness, tingling, and soreness.

9. Prevents breast sagging

  • Breast massage tightens and tones the tendons and muscles that determine the length of your breast tissue.

10. Reverses aging, 11. Balances hormones, 12. Improves mood

  • Breast massage stimulates a powerful cocktail of hormones that results in stress-relief, anti-aging benefits, and helps to prevent depression and anxiety.

  • If you’re experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance breast massage can actually help to alleviate these symptoms by promoting hormone release .

  • Massage calms the nervous system which results in a balanced, centered feeling.

  • Stimulates the release of “feel good” endorphins that balance moods and control pain levels.

13. Helps prevent breast cancer

  • Nipple stimulation results in the release of hormones that encourage the cells in the breast to act in specific ways protecting them from cancer-causing chemicals.

  • Additionally, you’re more likely to notice any changes in breast tissue if you regularly massage your breasts.

14. Increases pleasure

  • Breast massage is an incredible way to get to know your body’s pleasure pathways. As you become more aware of the physical sensations resulting from your own loving touch your brain begins to form and strengthen new pathways for pleasure. Some women are even able to develop the ability to orgasm from breast stimulation alone through increasing these pleasure connections.

  • Breast massage is the perfect opportunity to explore touching your own body with loving, sensual touch. If you have any hangups with masturbation or exploring your own body in a sensual, sexual way, breast massage can be the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the water and expand your comfort level and confidence.

15. Expands emotional intelligence

  • Breast massage improves the mind-body connection. It increases your body and mental awareness of the “whole-being connection” and improves your emotional awareness.

  • Massage satisfies the need for loving touch.

  • Breast massage deepens your connection to your feminine essence and sensuality.

  • Loving self touch aids in helping heal sexual trauma.

  • When you clear your mind and focus only on the sensations of your touch, breast massage helps you practice mindfulness - staying in tune with your body and out of your mind.

How to massage your breasts

  • First and foremost, before you begin massaging make sure you get clearance from your surgeon. Most surgeons give clearance for massaging the breasts and incisions at 2 weeks, but this doesn’t mean you’ll feel ready at 2 weeks, so start slow and do what feels good to you.

  • The number one rule to breast massage is doing what feels good to you.

  • Aim to spend between 5 and 20 minutes on your massage.

  • Find somewhere that you will be comfortable. You could do it standing in front of your bathroom mirror after your shower, or while laying in bed in the morning and night, or anywhere and any time that feels right to you.

  • Use a non-perfumed natural oil for lubrication. Olive oil or coconut oil are easy to find and work perfectly. You could also use jojoba, raspberry seed, or any other oil you have found works well with your skin type. Feel free to put a drop of your favorite essential oil to add an aromatic element and added benefit to your massage oil.

  • Use a pressure that feels good. You can experiment with different levels of pressure, but in general, this is not a deep massage. Your pressure should be firm, sensual, and loving. It should never be painful.

  • Massage your breasts in the same way you would give someone a light shoulder massage.

  • Listen to my Post Explant Loving Breast Massage for a guided audio massage that will walk you through a 10 minute sequence to help you heal both your body and soul through loving touch.

I have made two versions of this massage. The first version is an audio massage with me performing the massage along with the audio to give you visual cues. Click here to go to the Post Explant Loving Breast Massage with Visual Direction!

The second version is the audio guided massage with a simple ocean scene playing. This is perfect if you'd rather not be distracted by watching me perform the massage.

Click here to go to to the Post Explant Loving Breast Massage Audio Only Version!

Tips specific to scar massage:

  • Your incision must be at the scar stage before you should start massaging. That means no scabbing and your surgeon must give you the OK.

  • Only spend about 5 minutes on your scars at a time.

  • Use a non-perfumed oil to cut down friction. Olive oil and coconut oil are great options that you may already have in your kitchen.

  • Using the pads of your index and middle fingers on each hand use a firm pressure to rub your scars in a circular motion starting at one end and slowly working your way toward the other. The pressure should be firm, but not painful.

  • When you reach the other end of your scar switch the direction of your circular motion and slowly work your way back to the other side.

  • Spread your two fingers apart and repeat the circular motions back and forth just above and below the scars.

  • Now simply use the pads of your fingers to apply firm pressure back and forth along the length of the scar.

  • Repeat these three massage techniques for about 5 minutes.

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